In this game you control a little witch flying on a broomstick and wielding a wand powered by magical bells, however, the wand has a bit of a mind of its own...

You never know what effect the bells you collect will have on the wand, it may power up, it may power down, maybe even confuse your sense of direction or start shooting backwards, or perhaps you could get really lucky? It's up to you to risk it and find out!

You have 3 minutes to try and score as many points as you can, defeating enemies gives you a fair amount of points, but what you're really after here are the food items that they drop! Try and collect as many as you can, but watch out, the further you go, the more hectic it gets!

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Shoot
Enter: Pause

D-pad or Left Stick: Move
Any face button: Shoot
Start: Pause


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What an amazing game!!

Feets to you michirin!!


Thank you very much ^^


This was a lovely lil game, great work!

Thank you very much ^^


I see cute 'em ups, I play them.

Great job, Michi! Love the parallax and  the TwinBee inspiration

Thank you very much ^^

I love it, that wand is crazy though

Glad you did!


This game is super cute! I really like the TwinBee inspiration. However, it would have been nice if you could know which bell you picked up and how long it will last. Awesome job!


I get what you mean, but then it'd be less out-of-control...
Thank you very much ^^


Very good Pixel Art, and nice music, I had fun ^^ !

Glad you did ^^


Really fun and awesome artwork. I like how the mechanic that fits the theme is interesting but not so exaggerated that it distracts from gameplay. Nice job!

Thank you very much

Pretty good. Isn't this supposed to be the Turbografx-16/PC Engine?

Game Boy Colour actually.
Thanks for the comment!

I swore the music sounded Turbografx-y.

That's cuz I used the wave channel (channel 3) for the leads, I almost always do that, it makes the GB/C sound more advanced.


This is really cute and fun!!!

Thank you!


You're welcome!!